Motivational Masterclasses


A Motivational Masterclass is a bespoke team-building event built around powerful coaching tools and principles.

 Is stress and anxiety affecting your team’s productivity?

Are challenging team dynamics holding you all back?

Would better team motivation lead to greater team success?


If so, you and your team will benefit from a Motivational Masterclass. To book yours, simply call 0780 1502743.


This is NOT like other team building events…

Instead a Motivational Masterclass combines a unique mix of practical activities, discussions, reflective exercises and NO PowerPoint.


Each event is bespoke

The activities are tailored specifically to address the challenges facing your team. It ensures you get the best results and the maximum return on your investment.


Facilitated by an experienced qualified business coach

My job is to draw out the best in everyone. I’ll break down the work boundaries and encourage participants to engage and open up.  In fact, you’ll be surprised what your team reveal. This open, honest discussion helps pull everyone together, and motivates your team to commit to a common goal.


Everyone is empowered

Proven coaching strategies underpin the event and ensure attendees learn techniques they can use beyond the session. It’s an effective way to challenge the thoughts and beliefs that can lead to motivational issues in the workplace.


Warning – Motivational Masterclasses don’t suit everyone.


They work best when the whole team attends (including you), and there are 8-14 attendees.


In addition, as the team leader, you’ll need to:

  • Chat openly about your team’s challenges in the detailed pre-session consultation,
  • Expect and be happy to be challenged out of your comfort zone.
  • Be willing to champion changes back in the work place.


If that sounds like you, a Motivational Masterclass will be hugely beneficial.


If you’d like to arrange some powerful bespoke training to inspire and motivate your staff, contact me today on 0780 1502743 and book your free consultation. There’s no obligation but you’ll discover, in detail, how you could use a Motivational Masterclass to transform your team.



Here’s what people have said about recent sessions;

”This morning has been so beneficial. Sue is inspirational and just within the first ten minutes of the morning I now have a mantra I know I will use in work/home life; I’m not a ‘just’ or an ‘only’ ”

Liz, Lincolnshire County Council. 

”A very interesting afternoon – thought provoking. It confirmed what I probably already knew about myself, now I can do something about it!”

Janet Darman, Carer Support Worker.

”Excellent, and would have loved it to be a full day instead of half a day. It was so helpful, thank you, and I will take away the morning as a positive event, with advice to use in the future for myself. ”

Christine, Carer Assessor and Support Worker.   

”A very thought-provoking session that made you think out of the box and put the positive focus back on yourself.”

Mark Gilroy, Carer Assessor and Support Worker.

”An excellent course. The trainer was very warm and approachable, and made everyone feel comfortable and at ease. It was very informative and I learned some useful techniques/skills that I can utilise in my work/personal life. The course was fun and was a  fantastic taster, I only wish it could have been a full day!”

”This really made me think…I did not want to switch off (often do in training!)…I wanted to be part of it”

Team Members, Lincolnshire County Council.

”The course has helped us to be more self-aware about what we do and what we think…very positive, creative…passionate presentation…will definately take lots from it, especially the shark-repellent bat spray, loved it…felt involved from start to finish.”

Team members, Carer’s Charity.


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