My Guest Blogs

I regularly write guest blogs for a variety of organisations. Here are some of my recent blogs;

Virgin Media

Who’s Sitting in your driving Seat?

Who’s that Sitting in my chair?

What labels do you wear?

Dinah Liversidge

Be confident enough to give 100%

Simon Jordan

Why Small Busines Owners Need to Give Love Not want Love

Waringwell Business Coaching

Valuing your time

Developing self-belief

Why you need to make sure your mindset fits

The Art of Handling Conflict

7 Ways to Build a Great Workplace Culture When it’s Just You on The Payroll

The Micro Business Hub

A variety of articles and features, including the free e-book

The Real Truth About Confidence

How to Say No in Business with Confidence

Three Simple Steps to Creating a Confident Team

The Five People You Need on your Team

How to Achieve Success and Brilliance in Your Micro Business

Lisa Cherry


Podcast Interview with Dinah Liversidge

Listen to internet radio with Dinah Liversidge on Blog Talk Radio



Women Unlimited 

Dress Code; Hard Hats optional

7 Simple Tips for Dealing with Customer Stress


Gary Gorman

How to Get Out of Your Own Way


5 Ways You’re Self-Sabotaging At Work – and How to Stop!