Present yourself with Confidence

Learn strategies quickly and take the fear out of presenting


Does the thought of speaking to a room of people give you sleepless nights?

Do you wish you could present yourself confidently at networking events?

Do you envy those people who light up the room with their speaking skills?


If so, a bespoke one-to-one presentation skills session will help. 

 Book one and you’ll learn to overcome your fears and develop strategies to succeed with any public speaking challenge. Simply contact me now on 0780 1502743and book your session.

 As you know confident presenting is a crucial business skill.

 Having a great ‘pitch’, that shows off what you can do in an impressive, authoritative way, can be the difference between sealing the deal and losing the bid.

 So if you struggle to present yourself at your best, the good news is effective presentation skills can be learned. You just need to master the right mindset and approach.

 And I can help…

 I don’t run courses. Instead I provide bespoke, one-to-one, individually tailored sessions. It’s the best way to tackle your specific needs so you get the maximum results. In fact, this approach is so powerful you may only need one session.

 After working with me you will understand how to:

  • Deliver your presentation with maximum effect
  • Hone in on your key message
  • Get across your points with complete clarity
  • Build authenticity into your delivery
  • Control your nerves with strategies that work
  • Handle the unexpected with confidence
  • Use props and enjoy interacting with the audience
  • Work your personality to engage your audience and build rapport
  • Develop the right inner state to succeed
  • Allow your mind to feel fully prepared
  • Use strategies to banish negative beliefs and unhelpful assumptions
  • Manage your anxiety and sleep well the night before
  • Enjoy the experience – that’s right, presenting can be fun!

 Each session is tailored specifically to your needs. If it’s pre-delivery anxiousness we’ll work on that, if it’s confidence during delivery we’ll develop strategies to be successful.

 You benefit from personal attention and detailed constructive feedback. What’s more, you’ll learn to understand and control your own thought processes and build a strong ‘core’ that lets you present with ease.


 ”Sue really listened to my concerns about a presentation I had to give and gave me some interesting ideas for the presentation format as well as some really useful tips  to overcome nerves on the day. I had great feedback from my audience and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Sue to anyone doing public speaking or worried about a big event.”

Sarah, Mazuma Money

” Sue provided me with a whole set of personal and practical tools to assist in terms of presenting; realistic and down-to-earth advice which I will refer back to and use time and time again. ”

Deborah, Leeds.

”Thank you for an inspirational session on putting together a meaningful and manageable presentation/story.  It has given me the confidence to put my name forward for a slot at my networking group rather than trying to avoid doing it! I know that being able to deliver my story fluently and with humour will help my business goals and give me a great personal sense of achievement. I am almost looking forward to it!”

Sue, Business Development, My Secret Kitchen


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