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Sue Ritchie Guest SpeakerStories from The Suitcase

Sue’s signature talk, ‘Stories from The Suitcase’  will leave you feeling that anything is possible in life, and that confidence is something you can develop in order to succeed!

 Her inspiring personal story, which is one of overcoming obstacles and taking extraordinary measures to change her own fortunes, will  help you realise that humble beginnings don’t have to hold you back, and that life can be different if you want it to be. Sue’s story is very much one of developing the confidence to succeed against the odds.

Equally relevant on a personal and professional level, Sue can inspire and motivate an audience, sharing her key learning to enable them to develop the confidence to increase their own effectiveness  at work, socially and at home.

Delving into her suitcase of props, Sue shares personal stories and anecdotes from her time as a single mum, moving to Borneo and Central America, that are both funny and poignant. They illustrate the story of her own journey into developing the confidence to become the woman she is now – a successful business woman, writer, mentor, speaker, wife and mother.

Whether you need to inspire and motivate your staff, networking or social group, Sue’s talk will  leave them thinking for days afterwards…and motivate them to try her approaches in their own lives.


Here’s what people have said about Sue;

“Sue recently gave a talk to a networking group and its impact was immediate. With a relaxed and personable manner she inspired the group to re-assess how they work towards their life goals and motivated them to change for the better. A memorable and empowering speaker that is a pleasure to listen to.” Will King , Epix Video

“Susan also impressed me with her presentation skills. She is engaging, interesting, inspiring and has a great sense of ‘real’.” Cathy Burton, Ladybugs Fitness

“I attended one of Susan’s talks and found her to be professional, knowledgeable and very motivating. She gave simple ideas to work with which can create big differences in your outlook on life.” Sandra Picksley, Sandrasflowerstudio


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