Strategies for Being Brilliant


Strategies for Being Brilliant is a 3-month masterclass so you succeed at work.





You work hard, you’re ambitious and you strive to be successful.

But sometimes that feeling of isolation, self-doubt and wavering confidence can undermine your self-belief.

So if you’d benefit from a regular dose of inspiration, motivation and ‘oomph’; a “sounding board” of like-minded people; and a challenging business coach to stretch you and hold you accountable, here’s a new coaching program designed to help you be your best.

Strategies for Being Brilliant is a 3-month online masterclass for smart professionals.

Limited to just 4 people per group, we meet twice a month on Skype, for one hour of challenging discussion and no nonsense coaching around the month’s themes. Once inside, other committed professionals will hold you to account, and you’ll leave inspired, motivated and energized to take the necessary action at work to increase your impact.

Then  in between sessions stay in touch and on track with comprehensive email support from Sue. If something crops up, you have a question or your self-doubt undermines your self-belief, let me know and we’ll work through it.

What’s more, you can chat through ideas and issues with your peers in the dedicated closed Facebook group, then stay energised with fabulous month-by-month support materials.

 The 6 modules:

Each month covers two different modules to help you achieve brilliance at work.



What’s your core? Drill down to your core beliefs and values, and then discover how you communicate those to others and how they influence your impact.


What’s driving you? Dig deep to understand what drives you and then create a memory of you at your best to use as a powerful motivator.


Celebrate success Identify and appreciate past achievements, value your successes and learn to use this as a platform to strengthen your self-belief. 


Edit your script Identify habits and behaviours, work to eliminate unhelpful beliefs and learn techniques to replace these with empowering new ones. 


Dare to dream BIG Set stretching goals, get clear on what stops you taking risks and develop empowering strategies to overcome those blocks. 


Write your future Learn to appreciate your positive impact so you can step into your career and achieve those stretching goals with confidence.  


Don’t miss this group coaching opportunity if you want to:

  • Win promotion, secure that new job or impress your boss.
  • Identify and exploit your strengths and talents so your efforts get noticed.
  • Draw help and accountability from your sources of support.
  • Discover strategies to make the most of yourself at work.
  • Understand yourself, your values and your drivers.
  • Communicate effectively, and put your points across confidently.
  • Reduce your stress whilst ramping up your productivity.
  • Hone strategies to achieve your work and personal goals.

How can I join?

The next group starts soon, so book now to secure your place. It’s easy to do. Simply call me on 0780 1502743 and take your first step to being brilliant.

The 6 Skype calls and  six module workbooks for the entire program costs just £210.

What’s more, places are limited to only 4 people so you can be sure of lots of personalised help.

You can pay the full cost up front, or set up a regular payment of £70 per month.

I can’t wait to get working with you. Call me now on 0780 1502743 and let’s talk about what being brilliant means to you…

Email, or use the contact form on the Contact Me page.

Or, pick up the phone  0780 1502743 or 01522 279025

I’d love to hear from you!