Power, Presence & Personal Impact for Professional Women.

You’re great at what you do…but there are times when you feel like a fraud.

You’d love that promotion…but self doubt means you’ve talked yourself out of it so many times.

You’re a smart professional with experience and skills…but sometimes you feel intimidated by some of your colleagues.

You work hard, you’re ambitious, you’re good… but somehow you feel unfulfilled.

Capturing the art of the Natural

But you don’t have to feel like that any more.

You can learn to manage those feelings of self- doubt, fear and overwhelm.

You can lose the guilt at saying ‘no’.

You can lose the need to be liked all the time.

You can have that new job and  you can feel confident and in control around colleagues.

You can speak up, command respect and have more of a presence at work.

You can learn how to share your success in a way that feels comfortable.

You can learn how to  tackle tough conversations with ease.

You can be that confident, authentic and inspiring woman that leads with presence and authority.


I’m Susan Ritchie, the author of Strategies for Being Brilliant: 21 Ways to Be Happy, Confident and Successful,  and I help professional women to feel more powerful, so they can have more presence and personal impact at work.

You can have more happiness, more confidence, more job satisfaction, influence and credibility.

A more relaxed approach to dealing with your boss, your team, your staff.

More power, impact and presence.

More success.

A more impressive you.


How Can I Help You?

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“We recently appointed Sue to carry out a series of one to one confidence building sessions with a member of our management team…the change in this member of the team in such a short space of time after working with Sue has been remarkable.” Rob Jones, Director of BG Enterprise

  “It’s been a fantastic journey, in fantastic company. Sue   is supportive, non-judgemental and extremely flexible in her   approach. “ Sara Scott, Brandthing    

Capturing the art of the NaturalCall me today on 0780 1502743 and let’s work together to help you reveal that successful, confident, happy professional that’s raring to make their presence felt. Or;

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Hear my recent interview on BBC Lincolnshire Hear my recent interview on BBC Radio Lincolnshire Intervew: Melvyn Prior of BBC Lincolnshire 94.9FM, talking to Susan Ritchie of You Time Coaching about her inspirational life story. First transmitted 5 Jan 2012.

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