Making Your Presence Felt – Influence and Impact For Professional Women

“I started a new job 3 weeks ago and took you with me! The message from you about how you act and people’s perception keeps coming to mind. I know I’m capable but haven’t always portrayed this, leading people to doubt my abilities. I now go into meetings fully prepared and raise relevant points. This has got me off to a flying start with my new boss!”


strategies-for-being-brilliant-bookAre you a professional woman who wants to be more influential?

Do you want your opinions heard, to feel respected and noticed more for your talents?

Do you want more clients, more customers and to build more powerful relationships with colleagues?


I’m Susan Ritchie, the author of Strategies for Being Brilliant: 21 Ways to Be Happy, Confident and Successful, and I help professional women to remove the barriers that stop them being where they want to be, and step up and show the people that matter, exactly what they are capable of.

As a woman at work, sometimes it can be tough to assert ourselves or make our mark can’t it? In fact, I’ve not met a woman yet who hasn’t got some degree of self doubt or who wishes she had a little more impact in certain situations.

Or a woman who wants to feel a little more in control, who wants to speak up and feel more influential.

The great news is, it’s possible to learn to have more personal impact and presence at work –  to feel successful, to feel fulfilled and to feel happier.

You can learn to  to be taken more seriously and build a strong network around you.

You can learn to make your presence felt and become more influential.

Using a mix of coaching, NLP, writing and workshops, I help women to be overcome fears, plan for success, communicate more effectively and take action to become more visible, assertive and  influential.

You know you’re great at what you do – so let’s start showing other people exactly what you’re capable of!

You can download my FREE e-book, 10 Steps To Instant Influence: How To Be Really Seen And Heard At Work by popping your details in the box at the top of the page. Let’s begin to  work together to help you reveal that successful, confident, happy professional that’s raring to make their presence felt.

Become a woman of influence.

“Thought provoking and inspiring – anyone who attends will find themselves reflecting on what they experienced for days afterwards”; Senior Associate  – Legal 500 Law Firm, workshop delegate.

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